Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here are some tips for the mastermind game :D
Okay first, you do NOT put this. Because it is a total waste of time :P
Placing 4 each time before you play is a way to get to know how many each colour markers there is right? So...

Why not put 3 instead? Since there is absolutely 0.00001% chance that you get 4 same coloured markers in a game. Therefore, you put three each. Until you that there is 2 markers of whatever colour. using this 3-mark method, you also know which is in the last colomn! ( in this case, blue marker is in the last column)

Now that you know that there are 1 of blue and 1 of green marker, you only need to try the yellow one for 2 spaces. So that you know roughly where each of the markers are to be placed. Here, you know that blue is in the last colum! and 1 yellow must be in the 3rd column! now the guessing part is left with 1 yello and 1 green...

So you try-and-error lorh... but you should know in one try where all it is already! ((:

And, Ta-Da!~ You get it right! :D
Usually I get this in the 5th try, but sometimes you might not be so lucky~ The 6th should be around there already... :P

And then, you get the money~~
It doesn't matter in which try you get it right, the money is random. i repeat, RANDOM. but i mostly got 20/30BD in the 5th/6th try, and last time 30BD 95% when i get to 8th try. (before this method wad practised)

And there you go, the mastermind tips. Please do post your tips! :P

Thankyou, Thankyou =]